About BSS

Beijing BSS Corrosion Protection IndustryCo., Ltd. (BSS) is a Chinese innovation company with core competencies in thefield of corrosion protection for 22 years. BSS develops innovative productsand full solutions to improve the performance and durability of metalstructures in air and soil. The research and development activities are basedon our profound understanding of the corrosion protection. The growing andincreasingly energy use and city growth requires improved corrosion protectionsystem and environmental products. Through our solutions, BSS is contributingto find ways to protect the human industry with the harmony of atmosphere, soiland water.


With 2 factories and BSS corrosionProtection Technology Research Institute, our high standard products andservices applied to many industry fields in Asia, Mid-America and North Africa.Our services include the investigation of corrosion environment, corrosionprotection design, material supply, installation, detection, maintenance andother support services, guarantee our customers’ equipment safe and beautiful.The advanced technical advantages, high quality products and full services leadBSS a high performance and reputation in corrosion protection field.