BSS Culture

Our Vision 
BSS aims to be the world leader in corrosion protection solutions and top supplier in petrochemical equipment manufacturing.


Our Business Philosophy
BSS is committed to providing great advice and service for our clients in energy field, taking resources conservation and reduction of pollution emission as our working rules, making a benefit community among our staff, shareholders, customers, partners and the local community in accordance with the win-win cooperation principle, and helping social vulnerable groups within our power.


Our Staff
Conscientious workers performing effective management are our greatest wealth. The personal qualities that we value most are those of creativity and responsibility.


Our Technology
The state-of-the-art technology props up our confidence, and the high quality of products is a manifestation of our dignity.


Our Culture
Each member of BSS recognizes patriotism and law-abidingness, courtesy and honesty, solidarity and friendship, diligence, frugality and self-improvement, devotion and contribution as their ethics. And responsibility, innovation, dedication and cooperative spirit are the soul of our culture.